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We've finally got our first big update on the site so why don't you spare a few minutes and read it!! :star::star::star::star::star:
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So we’ve been lingering around on the idea of where and when to post Ghost Junk Sickness and both me and :iconfeathernotes: have decided on a date! This wednesday the 11th we’ll have the first 31 pages posted on inkblazers! And if you want to go ahead and bookmark it just click here!

We’ve also decided that the 11th of every month we will try our best to make 20-30 page updates, we hope that in making big updates like this it’ll keep you guys interested as opposed to single page sporadic updates, we plan to work really hard on this!

Till wednesday we hope to see you guys reading and we’re very grateful for the support!

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Hello all! I just wanted to let you guys know that if you're interested in me and :iconfeathernotes:'s new project you can check it out here------->

We're working on an original comic and all updates and news will be hosted on that blog!
if you're not jammin' with tumblr tho, you can also check out our facebook page---->

Come support us!!
since I updated commission info I'm just updating this journal to get rid of the last one! Commissions are still open so PUT ME TO WORK! :D
There's new info on chibi commissions so if you're interested have a look!

:star::heart:Commission… :heart::star:
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Just a reminder that commission slots are still available! all info is here:…

And you'll also notice that Chibis have been added to the list! starting at only $4 for full colour! Every additional chibi will cost another $2

Prints are still available as well!…

:heart::star: If you're interested in commissions or prints please contact me at ! :star::heart:
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Yo so I'll be starting up commissions for the summer SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??
All my commission info is HERE:…



:heart::star:for commissions or prints e-mail me at!! :star::heart:
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Hey I thought I should just give a little heads up about my activity on here!
If you guys want to see more of my doodles and drawings that aren't shown on DA, then come visit my sister and I's tumblr account! There's lots of tf2 and l4d stuff so if you guys are interested in seeing some stuff that's exclusive to tumblr, come check us out!…;<-----(There you go!)

The link may send you to a place where it says "no URL found" or whatever but if you just click on "fellow Adventurers" it'll just bring you to our blog!
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HOLY FUCK, I cannot believe what happened today, never did I ever imagine that :iconfeathernotes: and I's comic would be acknowledged by valve!! This is amazing and I'm so fucking grateful for all the rad and awesome sweet people who are supporting us and congratulating us!

THANK YOU :heart::heart::heart:

HERE, PROOF---------->…
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I really appreciate the amount of suggestions I got, I can't believe some of the gems that were shared with me, thank you all so much! :heart::heart::heart:

(Oh and if you guys ever want to share more music anytime I'm always up for it!)
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Lately I've been having this shitty cycle of having something to draw and then an immediate artblock right after. This cycle has been going on for a month or so and I'm getting rather tired of it. I don't want art to seem like a chore, I don't want to begrudge the things I have to work on.

So I'm thinking I need a little bit of change. I need different things to listen to or look at or WHATEVER.
So show me the music you guys listen to! Send me some links to your favourite songs or bands, or maybe just a favourite video, it would be greatly appreciated! And don't be shy! There's no need to be shy, BECAUSE I WON'T JUDGE YOU FOR WHATEVER YOU LIKE TO LISTEN TO!

Be Efficient Be Polite

Mon Oct 24, 2011, 3:25 PM
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My sister :iconfeathernotes: and I are starting on a big collaborative comic! We're both freaking obsessed with TF2, so we're both working hard on this project that we'd really like to complete, hopefully our efforts will pay off in exchange for a generous view?

We'll be updating every monday, hope to see you there!
Here's this monday's update ------>

This is going to be a pretty ambitious project so we're pretty excited about it!


Mon Oct 17, 2011, 8:08 AM
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recently I participated in this poll that was deviantart-wide and it was about how people take critiques, and I couldn't believe what some people were saying in the comments section. The actual poll didn't bother me, whatever people voted for I'll take their word for it but the comments were just ridiculous. I saw a common trend that people will only accept critiques from artists that are better than them. Well that doesn't seem like a big deal, I mean, an artist of a more refined and established skill is able to give some specific pointers and more helpful hints and all so of course you wouldn't be happy if someone who wasn't as good as you tried to give you a little advice, I see I see...Wait, what? Why shouldn't they be allowed to give a criticism? It doesn't take a master artist to notice that a pose looks awkward or that an arm isn't proportionate. What shocked me even more is that some people were saying that as soon as they get a critique they'd go to that person's page to see if their gallery was any good. What's wrong with that? Well to me there's a lot wrong with that, why should someones skill level dictate whether they can comment or not? A critique isn't a comparison, it's an observation.

And who cares if the critique is harsh? it doesn't mean they're automatically an asshole amateur, suck it up and quit being such a douchebag.

I'm not going to get into the subject of what constitutes as a critique or if you feel that there was misunderstandings in the critique, I don't need to complicate this journal, all I'm saying is that anyone should be able to give a critique, no matter what skill level.

It's the same for every other field as well, you don't need to be a baker to tell that horseshit tastes bad.

A new thought

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 6:32 PM
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So there has been a change of heart lately. After reading this journal, it really made me think differently.…
I know for a long time, ever since I started here on deviantart that I have always been hell-bent on showcasing my original characters that it's kind of ridiculous. I used to fixate so much about sharing my ideas and getting people to notice me for my "creativity" that it completely dictated what I should draw. Every good idea I got for another drawing, if I ever first instinctively thought of a character that wasn't my own, I'd make a a hasty change to switch out that character with one of my own so that I could have my character representing them and and have a chance of being noticed; what I realized is that this is what ruins some of my drawings. Although the people who look at the drawings will never know the difference, I knew the difference, and I knew that the original feeling of the image had been squandered because I was so obsessed with showing my characters to people.

Another thing I realized is that just because I'm drawing characters that are original, doesn't mean that people will be mysteriously enchanted with them, lets face it, no one even knows who these characters are, so how are they going to identify with them? The point is, it's not the characters representing the idea that make it more interesting, it's the originality of the idea itself that makes it interesting whether it featured an original character or not, it doesn't matter. I get a little discouraged about the way my drawings that feature some of my original characters don't get nearly as much recognition as some of my recent fan artwork has, but like I said above, how can people like them if they don't even know who they are?

Like the linked journal suggests, just because it's fanart doesn't mean that it's not worth as much as something that's original. I'll admit, when I see other people on here who are well established and even have their own fanbase for their characters and stories I get a little jealous and I tend to always be in awe of them but they have a fanbase because they draw what they want and they don't allow other people's opinions on original or fan art to sway their feelings about it.

Basically the point of this journal is that I'll draw whatever I want now, and I'm not going to be so obsessed with getting my stuff noticed. That's not to say that I'm going to quit drawing my own characters, I'm just not going to let what other people think is worth more dictate what I draw.

Bottom line: